Embroidery pendant


As I love doing embroidery, my friends often regard me as a patient person. But I’d say no to such comment. Actually I’m quite an impatient person in daily life, especially when my friends are late for gathering, or when I get stuck on Tuen Mun Road (yes I’m right here now).

Perhaps all my patience is spent on DIYs. It’s so true that when you’re doing what you love, you won’t feel a bit of boredom, even the “problems” turn into something interesting. Sometimes I feel that fixing an imperfect stitch is like scratching an itch. Unwinding tangling threads is like rescuing a spider under Crucio curse (:P).

But I do confess sometimes it feels like forever when I’m in the middle of a large piece. That’s why a small piece like this pendant is made to pull me away from the big project and to refresh myself for the long run ahead.

Plus I have a project in mind. Finishing this little piece brings me a step nearer to the final goal 🙂



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