Birthday Queen Sash


We held a surprise tram birthday party for Joyce and this is what I made: a tailor-made sash for the birthday queen.

“Fusible web” is widely used in embroidery. My first trial was to transfer some wide ribbons into lily petals in my second embroidery piece. I was thrilled at how the shading of the ribbons transformed into the unique colours of my lily, and was amazed at the magic behind fusible webs.

This is how I made the sash 🙂

Step 1: Type the words in MS Word with the function “Word Art”. Laterally flip the images.


Step 2: Print the design with fusible web.

Step 3: Cut the words into smaller piece. Peel off the paper backing (the other side of the printing). Stick them on the wrong side of the fabric.


Step 4: Follow the lines and cut out the words carefully.


Step 5: Peel off the paper backing (this time the printing). 


Step 6: Place the words on the sash. Put a piece of thin cloth on the sash and iron it with the lowest heat setting.


We were too excited in the party that we simply forgot to take a photo of the sash. The index picture is the clearest one we’ve got 😀


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