Tatting lace earrings


I remember I was online shopping for some Taiwanese fabrics for my aunt and thought I could get myself some new tools and magazines on embroidery.  Among the tool category a pair of tatting shuttles appeared, just like two little gondolas in parallel.  “梭子” is the Chinese for tatting shuttles, roughly referring to tools for weaving.  Having watched some YouTube videos on tatting, I was so amazed by the unique tatting skills and procedures and immediately bought a pair of shuttles.After some experiments and trials, I managed to make a snowflake/flower with even knots.  Sometimes the petals are not in the same size.  I think the trick lies in how the loop is tightened.  I usually hold the start and the end tight, adjusting the loop’s shape and pull the thread gently.  I also make reference to the first snowflake/flower when I make the second one, comparing their sizes so that they don’t differ too much.

This pair was given to my colleague who taught and looked after me when I was posted to this office.  A caring lady she is, she supported me in my diy journey by giving me lots of advice.  I’m so delighted that she likes this pair of earrings and I often see her wearing them to work! 🙂


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