My embroidery journey


Every quarter, I receive an alumni magazine from my alma mater, featuring alumni’s successful careers.  There are several pages of alumni news in brief yet I usually only read those about my department or my college.  So it really caught my attention when I came across “Mimi Chan”, a graduate of the English Department and the New Asia College.  The brief congratulated Mimi on her embroidery exhibition showcasing her masterpieces and her students’ works.  Browsing Mimi’s website, I was dumbfounded by the painting-like embroidery pieces.  It’s hard to imagine all of them were done by hand with threads.  Without a second thought, I applied for Mimi’s course to learn this ancient skill but sadly all courses were full and I was put on the waiting list (Mimi told me to be patient in the reply XD).

Two years later, when I had almost forgot my application, I received a phone call from Mimi’s assistant.  She said there was a vacancy (finally!) and asked whether I was still interested in taking the course (of course I said yes!!!!).  I was then working in Wanchai and the studio was just two streets away from my office!  So on 11 February 2014, my embroidery journey began.

The featured photo is my first piece of the course.  In the first two lessons, I was taught how to do chain stitch and fly stitch.  I still remember I spent a whole 45 minutes stitching the leaf below.  It was definitely the most tranquil 45 minutes and I experienced the therapeutic power of embroidery.  I literally forgot time and my worries that had been lingering in my mind for long.

The petals of the daisies were made of ribbons of three colours.  Mimi showed me how to attach and end a ribbon, how to twist the ribbon so that it formed a natural wave, and how to smoothen a ribbon so that the strand wouldn’t come off easily.  I was totally amazed by her skillful technique.

Though it’s been three years, every time I stitch, I recall the excitement in that first lesson.  That peaceful 45 minutes will surely be remembered forever.


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