My embroidery journey

Every quarter, I receive an alumni magazine from my alma mater, featuring alumni’s successful careers.  There are several pages of alumni news in brief yet I usually only read those about my department or my college.  So it really caught my attention when I came across “Mimi Chan”, a graduate of the English Department and the New Asia College.  The brief congratulated Mimi on her … Continue reading My embroidery journey

Tatting lace earrings

I remember I was online shopping for some Taiwanese fabrics for my aunt and thought I could get myself some new tools and magazines on embroidery.  Among the tool category a pair of tatting shuttles appeared, just like two little gondolas in parallel.  “梭子” is the Chinese for tatting shuttles, roughly referring to tools for weaving.  Having watched some YouTube videos on tatting, I was … Continue reading Tatting lace earrings

Thank you card

This is a thank you card for my teacher in the last semester. I used a 230g white paper and a 200g baby-blue paper to attain a light and refreshing style. The design was done with my “work partner” Microsoft Word: insert words with WordArt, download a border (clipart from, combine all these parts and laterally flipping the image. After all cutting, glue the … Continue reading Thank you card